Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Discovery time


Discovery  time 

This discovery time I was cooking With Savannah,Lulu,Seohyun,Romae and Isabella. And I was running it.

 We made baked bean fritters. 

At first I thought it was gonna taste bad. But it actually tasted good but then it got worse but it smelt amazing.

 And Kelsey “the Parent” was helping out with it all.

 These were the ingredients for it. Bacon, parsley,eggs, spring onion, baked beans and potatoes.

 We all cut the ingredients and put them in the bowl. 

At the end Savannah and I washed the dishes first.  And then it was someone else who had a turn. 

My role today was to be the best leader I could be. And I was. I loved been a leader especially because it was my first time actually running something. 

The strategy I used today was to listen actively to the people with me making the fritters. I really had fun.

 a challenge for me today was to try not to eat up all the fritters. but I completed my challenge and didn't eat one! And at the end I got to eat almost as many as I wanted. 




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