Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Term 1 arts reflection

Term 1 arts reflection
In term 1 we learnt about BEAT. We had Jono who came in to teach us about the beat and rhythm. He brung in a bongo to help us. When we learnt more about it we made into a thing (song). And we played a concentration game. It was a blast!  

My favourite part of term 1 was going to Hanmer Springs forest camp. It was my favourite part of term 1 because I got to stay somewhere new and we got to go in the hot pools or just normal ones but they were still cool pools.

I also liked discovery time because I got to make/do lots of things like
Friendship bracelets
Made play-doh
And Origami I liked doing that sort of suff. 

Overall I had a great term 1.


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