Wednesday, 22 June 2016



Are you scared of the dark? Well I am. 

The fun game begins as the dangerous gravel crumbles. We play on as the sky blends darker. “spotlight!” Oh no I'm caught back to the beginning. The game restarts I'm running as fast as a jaguar. I'm doing it. I say to myself  “nearly there” and yes! I did it I made it to the big tree now I just have to make it to the playground.  And… Nooooooo!!! I'm caught back to the beginning I said sadly. I know I can do this and I did it!!! I completed my task/goal and as the game finished I felt more proud than ever! Awesome I say to myself that was the best experience ever!

My writing reflection 
In my writing I have used ………
Simile : when I typed “the game restarts I’m running as fast as a jaguar.”

I would to improve: by explaining my writing more and writing in paragraphs because it will be easier to read

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