Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Clothes writing

Hi I am high waisted shorts. I am pale bright and new. My owner loves me she wears me 24/7, except in cold weather. I love how she takes me to the beach, a lot, 

 I have a shiny golden buckle, and I have a fold at the bottom with deep holes in me for my pockets. I have two best friends a belt and a floral top.

 I love being shorts because every time she goes to wear me I get so excited inside I can just burst like a volcano eruption!

 And since it's summer I get worn all the time. I get washed every second day that's why I'm so clean, white and loved. 

My owner looks after me all the time, she never throws me on the floor. When she gets into her pj’s, she always folds me and puts me away perfectly. I'm really happy in my lovely home.

By Brooklyn

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