Sunday, 2 July 2017

High ropes

High Ropes 

High rope was our second activity. At the time just looking made me feel confident, Until I buckled up, checked off, and started to climb. 

I thought I had the easy one but I actually had the hardest one, the playground.
While I was climbing I felt really scared because I got my foot stuck in the rope ladder and also I couldn't get up. I was about to fall but I had to hold on because I thought the belayers would drop me because they weren't ready.

 After my first attempt I felt sad because I didn't get a proper turn, my second attempt was the Giant's Ladder. It was really hard because it started with beams that were about a meter apart and then they got bigger I only got to the second one.

I was really exhausted after because I had to stretch my legs really high. After that I was either the belayer, backup belayer or the cheerleader.

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