Monday, 3 July 2017

Playground plan

planning for our playground 

I'm designing a playground using force, with Sharnika. We'll be working in the art area we haven't started yet because we had maths. A struggle I'm encountering is that we didn't get to start. An improvement I need to make is definitely to start our model playground because we've only got three more days!!! My next step is to paint the cardboard, we chose green, My following steps are 
Gather our equipment 
Paint the cardboard
Make the jungle gym 
Then make the tire swing
 Make the tree 
 Make the flying fox
Make the spinning thing
Stick the tire swing to the tree
Stick everything on once the cardboards dry
Add details with vivid
Add the decorations (picnic table, fake flowers etc)
The equipment we need is
Popsicle sticks
Crazy straws
Mini tires
Hot glue gun
Toilet paper roll
Coloured Paper

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