Monday, 13 November 2017

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Money shot 

My money shot is in Te Puna, because the little kids in Te Puna make progress when they learn then they grow up and make more progress when their year 5 and 6 and become a Responsible citizen.  
Then new kids come to school, learn, grow up, learn more, and become a responsible citizen while other kids come along and do the same, it's like Waimairi School is a circle.

Arts Reflection

I made art using everyday things like tins, containers, bottles and anything else.

The sculpture I wanted to make was Speedy a dog by Ben Foster. 


 but it didn't work out... because it was meant to be a dog, not a pig.and I didn't have any supplies. I called him Pig,

The inspiration for me with my artwork is that it is an animal and I love animals so much. It also reminded me of my adorable puppy.

Something that went well was that at the end it turned out as a beautiful pink.

The things I would change for next time is making the pàpeir-mâché more smooth so I can paint it easier.


The artist I chose was Ben Foster.
Ben Foster is from New Zealand, his favourite sculptures are his animals, such as the ones below.

My speech


Have you ever gotten lost? In the forest? Well I have with my friend Savannah, here's the story.

It all starts at our trip to wainui camp, It was free time, Savannah and I were walking around together, then Savannah asked me if we wanted to go out to the forest, obviously I said yes. So Savannah asked Sean's dad Steve, If we could go out to the forest, Steve  said Yes”! So we went out to the dark forest, it was really quiet, we couldn't hear anything except our own voices,  we stopped to make sure we were all here and to look around then savannah ran up a little bit then stopped again because we weren't following her, “come on let's go already” begged Savannah “coming” Steve and I answered, after I caught up i looked back and noticed Steve wasn't there.

I looked to tell Savannah, Savannah was shaking, I told her and then she really started panicking “Hello” I shouted nobody answered we looked around, we saw nothing, We started walking for a bit then we looked around again, we spotted something, so we started walking towards it, it was the road “let's follow it ” suggested Savannah “umm don't you think it's a bit too dark” “and do you know how many cars are racing past”! I replied we thought for a bit… (wait 2 seconds)
“how about we try look for a light” I suggested. surprisingly we did! We found a torch someone must of dropped it I thought to myself, so we kept walking. We found a river “This might be the way back to camp” I suggested, so we hopped across the river “there's camp there's camp” shouted Savannah “calm down” I told her so we went back to camp and acted like nothing happened. 

And that's how I got lost at camp with my friend Savannah, hope you enjoyed my adventure.

Week 7 
In week 7 we did fly on the wall I can't go YET because I didn't get an email back from Mrs Smith.
Being a fly on the wall means going out to different classes and seeing what makes the heart of Waimairi School.

Week 6
In week 6 we did calendar art.

You could choose from a silhouette, a collage and a tapa tapa cloth, I chose the silhouette.

A struggle for me was when the photos were on I didn't look like the photo.

A highlight was I took my time and the paper ended up all even.

Week 5
In week 5 we did dance we made up dance moves out of  doing the dishes, mowing the lawn and doing the laundry I had to buddy up with Matthew  it was really funny.

Week 4 
In week 4 we did drama dance and music, we got into groups, group 1 was doing drama and I was in group 1 Savannah and I got ice skating and Savannah dropped me.

Week 3
In week 3 we did research about people like Ben Foster who I chose then after we did research we chose a sculptor that they made and we had to make the sculpture that we picked.

Week 2
In week 2 we made a moment in time album, where we capture a moment in time. Savannah and I were working together,

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